Assam (STGFBOP) with the traditional strong, malty flavours.

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The Assam tea plateau is located in Northern India, on both sides of the Brahmaputra River, and is the biggest continuously connected tea-growing region in the world.

This Assam STGFBOP (special tippy golden flowery broken orange pekoe) tea makes a great alternative to breakfast tea and comes from India’s first colonial tea estate. This single estate tea is a fine example of an Assam tea and offers a traditional strong, malty flavour.

Assam tea was actually discovered growing naturally and indigenously in the region. Its cultivation by colonists in the region broke the Chinese monopoly on tea and soon saw Indian black teas becoming the predominant style of tea in the commonwealth, and eventually the western world.

Caffeine: High

Origin: Harmutty, Assam, India

Type: Black Tea

Brew: 2 tsp per cup; 100°C; 3 minutes

Assam Tea is best in the morning or afternoon

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