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Produced in the Qimen region of Huangshan City in China, Keemun is a black tea with a winey and fruity taste.  It is a fairly 'young' tea, having been first produced in 1875.  The Qimen region had previously produced only forgettable green tea, but the switch to black tea produced amazing results.   It rose quickly in popularity, especially in England, and is the most prominent ingredient in the English Breakfast blend.  It had a distinctive and balanced taste, with a smokiness that can vary depending on the specific variety.  Keemun is an excellent 'gateway' tea for those who just love their good ol' cuppa, and can be enjoyed with or without milk.

Caffeine: High

Origin: Qimen, China

Type: Black Tea

Brew: 2 tsp per cup; 100°C; 3 minutes

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