WuYi Yan Cha


A rare high quality champagne oolong, grown at a UNESCO World Hertiage Site.

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Wu Yi Yan Cha or “Rock Oolong” is a special subcategory of Oolong tea grown in the vicinity of Wu Yi Shan City in the northern Fujian Province of China. Wu Yi Shan is actually a UNSECO World Heritage site; internationally recognized and protected for its biological diversity and significance as an ancient cultural site.  The climate of Wu Ti Shan offers a number of unique benefits to growing tea, especially its mineral soil eroded from the volcanic rock faces.  A layer of soft red soil lies about 10-40 cm thick on the ground.  This endows the distinctive flavour of Wu Yi’s tea, which, in Chinese, is expressed as “Yan Yun,” or “rock rhyme.”  Farmers in the Wu Yi Shan developed the art of producing their fine Oolong in the late 15th century, and is still considered by many to be the best Oolong tea available.  At the height of its popularity, it was worth more than its weight in gold!  

Caffeine: Moderate

Type: Oolong

Great in the morning or afternoon.

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